Greg Gordon Music is a full-service music production company in Los Angeles, specializing in original music, sound design and VO, bringing to bear a consortium of LA's world-class professional musicians. So clients anywhere can tap into the same quality and creative depth enjoyed by Hollywood's top film studios and record producers.


Greg Gordon Music has been featured in national campaigns of brands like Hulu, Sprint, Mike's, Camel, NAR, and Reynolds. 




As a 4-year old I had a Matchbox battleship I played with in the tub. The ship's story ended differently each time - sometimes sunk by overwhelming enemy forces, other times triumphant against all odds. And in each scenario there was a score playing in my head.

As a creative you probably had something like this going on in your head too. And you're here today because you never really stopped being that kid. You spent years mastering the tools and methods of your craft, but ultimately it was always about story.

Whether you're a director, brand, artist, or some of each, our music has the power to move your story forward. Not just in the sense of momentum, but of putting story in the foreground of your audience's emotional experience, and ultimately, their memory.